Hydraulics BG

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Simple, compact and heavy duty designed 1 to 12 sections for open and closed centers hydraulic systems.
-Fitted with a main relief and load check valve on each section
-Available with parallel, tandem and series circuit
-Optional power beyond port
-Wide variety of port valves
-Available manual, pneumatic, electro-pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, solenoid and cable control kits
-Interchangeable 16mm spools


Technical parameters:
Nominal flow rating 45 l/min [12 US gpm]
Max operation pressure 315 bar [46000 psi]
Back pressure (max outlet port T) 25 bar [360 psi]
Modification/Sections up to 12
Internal leakage (max) A(B) to T 5 cm3/mm [0.30 in3/min
Fluid mineral based oil
Fluid temperature (with NBR seals) -20 C to 80 C [ -4 F to 176 F]
Viscosity 15 to 75 mm2/s [15 to 75 cSt]
Max contamination level -/19/16 – ISO NAS 1683 -class 10
Ambient temperature -40 C to 60 C [ -40 F to 140 F]
Tie rods torque (wrench 13) 30Nm [22 lbft]