Hydraulics BG

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Hydraulic pumps – Vane pumps variable displacement, pumps assembly typ V3+V3

The pump combination V3 + V3 is composed of two vari−
able displacement vane pumps.
The front pump is flange or subplate mounted. Both pumps
are driven from one common shaft. Their delivery flow
var−ies from Q = 0 to Q max as required by the user. Varia−
ble flow displacement is gained by means of the pressure
compen−sator. Because of this, loss of power in the circuit
is kept to a minimum.
For further details on the individual pumps see the data
cards of pumps V3


WN Pmax[MPa] Qmax[cm3/rev.] Prędkość obrotowa[rev/min] Moment obrotowy[Nm]
10 1800